Monday, 20 July 2015

My Tips for Perfect Skin


Everyone suffers with bad skin every once in a while. When we have bad skin we often put ourselves down. Well  I thinks its time to show you some of my tips for perfect skin. 

I by no means have "perfect skin" no one really does.

1. Find out your skin type
 This is really important to know if you have dry or oily skin because it determines what products will work for you. 

2. Try not to wear too much makeup 
Makeup often clogs up your pores try to reduce your makeup to only wearing concealer and eye makeup. Only wear a full face of makeup when you really have to.

3.  When taking off makeup don't just use wipes
Makeup wipes don't take all of the makeup off your face. When you take off makeup actually wash your face.Then use makeup wipes to clear the excess.

4. Wash your face daily
This helps clear your face of any dirt that could possibly be in your pores. Make sure you by cleansers and moisturisers suited for your skin type. I use mostly Simple products because they use natural ingredients. AVOID product like Proactive because they use harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, Sulfur and zinc oxide. If you are using a product and it burns, stings or drys out your skin you should not use it. 

5. Drink water
Water is probably a great way to get perfect skin. It really does clear your skin and keeps it moist (hate that word) If you are not drinking any water and has a lot of acne that's probably why. 

I hope you found this helpful. Please leave a comment on your fave skincare tips. Please feel free to follow my new blog on Wordpress. Thanks so much.

Love, Hannah XXX