Saturday, 13 June 2015

Shadowhutners: Casting and Theories

 Hello, I will be discussing the new cast of Shadowhunters also some theories on where I think the story might go. I would also like to say sorry if you follow any of my social medias they have become Shadowhunters spam.


I think Kat will be perfect for Clary I know that she is very good actor. She is also good friends with Dom Sherwood who is Jace which is fab.

Alec baby:
 Matthew Daddario is so adorable he is going to be amazing for Alec. Alec being casted is really important to me. I really was worried because movie Alec to me didn't really capture Alec ( but that is just my personal opinion) Fortunately, Matt looks and acts a lot like Alec. Personally I don't really care about the blue eyes thing because Alec's eye colour doesn't define his character.


Hello Harry Shum jr. Mike Chang is Magnus fucking Bane. I was extremely thrilled when I found out Harry was casted as Magnus. A week before the casting, I was talking to a friend on who should play Magnus I suggested Harry.  I am literally happy he has been casted.


I hope that Alan Van Sprang will give Valentine justice. Valentine is a really cool and scary character. Not a front flipping pirate. I have seen some episodes of Reign and I think Alan is an incredible actor. He has a very regal looking face which makes him look like how I imagined him in my head.

Of course there are way more casting. These were the ones that I was excited about the most. I would just like to say on the behalf of the TMI/TID fandom welcome new cast thanks you so much for bringing our beloved characters to life once again. 


I really just want to state that the tv show is going to be different from the books and people should not compare it to the books or the movie. 

My understanding is that Clary and Simon are in Uni because they put the ages of the characters up a couple of years. I think maybe Magnus might own the club because he was there in some of the cast photos. I'm pretty sure it is still going to have the basic plot of the books but I hope the writers will have extra scenes like things from the Bane Chronicles ;)

And.... That was my hopefully last Shadowhunters post until maybe ACTUAL trailers come out. I will leave my previous Shadowhunters post down below. Thanks so much for reading. Please support this tv show even if you haven't read the books I sure it will be fab. Thanks

Love, Hannah XXX