Saturday, 2 May 2015

Shadowhunters TV Show Thoughts

Hello, I am so excited to make this post. I wanted to make this since I first heard the news of the... TMI tv show!!!!. On this post I will be discussing my thoughts of the tv show and casting. 

 Okay. Where should I begin? So when I first heard the news of a TMI tv show I was ecstatic. Mainly, because I wasn't very please with the movie. Personally the movie was good if you haven't read the books. This fandom is lucky and are very spoiled we are getting two chances to see the books come to life. 

I believe abc family are taking the show on. Which I'm not to sure about. I know Pretty Little liars is made by them and that is apparently really good. So far my biggest worries is the C.G.I and weather they would make a "teenie" cliche fantasy show like Teen Wolf. I know they put up the ages of the characters to explore the darker parts of the books which fabulous  I just really hope they don't screw it up. 


We have three cast members at the moment Jace, Simon and Isabelle. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the casting so far. Nothing racist I promise. 

The first casting we got was Mr Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/ Herondale 
and he is going to be played by the gorgeous Dominic Sherwood

Firstly, I am so relieved he has been casted. To me he looks a lot like Jace minus the hair and eyes. His hair can be dyed and I just really hope he doesn't have to wear contacts. Anyway I am so happy he is casted as Jace because he did such a good job playing Christian in Vampire Academy. I just hope he doesn't give Jace the dark side of him like Jaime did. That is one of my biggest worries. 

Next, is the casting of Isabelle!!!! Who will be played by the beautiful Emeraude Toubia. 
Wow she is stunning. I am so happy they are actually making this show diverse. Personally I am so excited she is Isabelle. She is just how I imagined Izzy in my head. My biggest concern though is weather she can act I haven't seen her in much. But I trust Cassie Clare and she said that Emeraude  is amazing. I hope she can bring Isabelle to life. I feel like Emeraude should be very capable to make Izzy look like such a badass like Jemima West did in the movie.

Now finally we have little Simon who is going to be played by the adorable Alberto Rosende 
He is so cute. I think he looks exactly how Simon should look to me. He just looks so cheeky and adorable in Simon's glasses. I am sad that we will have to say goodbye to Robbie as Simon. But so far I'm excited to see what he can do. Again my biggest concern is if he can act.  Which again I was assured by Cassie that he can:)

What is everyone's thoughts on the TMI tv show and the casting. Please leave comments down below. Thanks for reading it means so much. I will be doing more casting posts when they come so if you don't follow my blog you should if you want to see that. Thanks again. 

Love, a very excited Hannah XXX