Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Opposites Book Tag

Hello, it has been a very long time since I did a book tag. So I decided why not today.

1. The first book in your collection/The last book you bought

The very first book I bought with my own money was The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I think it was the second one the series. The last book I bought was A Work in Progress by Connor Franta.

2. A cheap book/An expensive book 

The cheapest book I have is Flowers in the Attic I got it second hand from Vinnies for $3. The most expensive book I have is a collection of German fairy tales called Beautiful Angiola and thacosts around $50

3. A book with a male protagonist/A book with a female protagonist.

A book with a male lead that I own is Harry Potter and book with a female lead is A Daughter of Smoke and Bone

4. A book you read quickly/A book that took you long to read.

I flew through Alexa Chung's book it took me two days to read. One book that I could think of that took me forever to read was Game of Thrones I still haven't even finished it I'm only 200 pages in.

5. A pretty cover/An ugly cover. 

     A book with a pretty cover I will have to say Looking for Alaska 10th year anniversary. It is such a pretty cover and it's gold it's just great. An ugly cover the Australian covers for the heroes of Olympus they are just awful.

6. A national book/An international book. 

The I have chosen for national is Jasper Jones it is set in South Australia. For international I have chosen Narnia not sure why I just love it and C.S Lewis was British so he is international.

7. A thin book/A thick book.

I have chosen Animal Farm for the thin book and for thick I'm going to say City of Heavenly Fire.

8. A fiction book/A non-fiction book.

A fiction book I am going to say or write Girl Online and for non-fiction I will choose Popular: A Memoir.

9. A romantic book/An action book.

For a romance book I have chosen Love, Rosie and for an action book I will choose The Fifth Wave.

10. A book that made you happy/One that made you sad.

A book that made me happy is Prisoner of Azkaban. I just remembered it being really happy to read even though some parts weren't that happy. For a book that made me sad I have chosen The Book Thief this book is one of my favourites and every time I read it. I just feel so sad because it was kind of happy then it just turns into a tragedy.

That was by answers to the Opposites book tag. Hope you enjoyed. If liked this post please answer tag question in  the comment  I would love to hear from you. If you don't follow my blog please feel free too. Thanks so much for reading. 

Love, Hannah XXX