Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Favourite Photos

Hello, I have been wanting to do another photo diary since I did my last one about Melbourne.

This isn't a very good photo. I just liked it because it was one of the first photos I took on my camera.

This one you have probably seen if you look at my currently reading page. This photo is of Connor Franta's book A Work in Progress. You can see this photo again on my Instagram @hannah_borgie ;)

This is one of my faves. Most of the following photos are from an art exhibition in Bondi called Sculptures by the Sea.

This was a lovely sculpture. It was on top of a hill right beside the beach. When I got this picture the sun was shining in circle of the sculpture. 

This deer kind of reminds me of American Horror Story for some reason.

I really love this graffiti I thought it looked so cool.

This was a really tasty fruit platter.

This when I went on a boat and the scenery was awesome.

So they were my favourite photos. I really enjoy photography. Please if you liked this and want me to do more posts like this comment. Feel free to follow my blog if you haven't already I would love you if you did. Thank so much for reading. Bye

Love, Hannah XXX

You can find most of these photos and more on my Instagram.
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