Sunday, 15 March 2015

School Kills Creativity

I was thinking just couple of weeks back that school has made most people less creative. These days creativity is a gift that arty hipsters only have. Day by day children have lost their creativity to mathematics and analysing rather than taking photos, writing poems and drawing also making music. Most high schools do provide art, design, music and textiles as electives. But primary schools we often had guidelines that we had to follow for example we always had to draw a straight line instead of a line with curves.  Being creative shouldn't be a gift it should be something that we know naturally. Even though we obviously need to have maths and shit but I think schools need to also focus on the creative side of learning. Creativity IS thinking outside of the square.

Lately, I have been trying to think more creatively as you might have noticed with my blog posts. I have been finding to ways to edit photos to have a personal spin. I changed my clothes. I watched a very great and fantastic Youtube video by Troye Sivan called "Becoming You" I was inspired.  I have been making myself become more and more of the creative person I want to be by just changing a few items of clothing and putting more effort into my blog posts. I want to be creative. I want be that person that everyone calls "tumblr" Fuck even I'm guilty of calling people tumblr. Sorry I got a bit off topic but what I'm trying to say is be that person that schools try to suppress by making you do maths or write an English Essay on a book.  Rather then analyse art.

Thank you for reading please leave a comment on your views on this and also on my recent posts. Please feel free to follow my blog if you haven't yet. If you want to see Troye's video ( which I highly recommend) the link will be below. I hope you enjoyed this post. I have noticed a little bit of an increase in followers so thank you so much.

Love, Hannah XXX

Troye's Vid :