Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My New Fandom

Hello, my apologies for not being able to post. I have been quite uninspired for the past couple of weeks. From the title of this post I'm sure you would be able to know what it's about. I have recently been getting new fandoms. That I'd never thought I would love. Some of these fandoms are to shows and some are and mostly are anime. I never thought I would like anime I just always thought anime was for kids but I was definitely wrong. So today I will be giving you guys a list of my newest fandoms. 

1. Agent Carter
This tv show is so awesome I don't have words to explain. There is so much girl power. I can't even.

2. Attack on Titan 
This anime is really popular at the moment and it is really amazing. Every character in this anime are so badass.

3. How to Get Away with Murder
This show is so cool. It kept on the edge of my seat all the time. It is fantastic everyone has to watch this show.

4. Free!
This anime is so hot. It about a boys swimming team. It so cute and funny.

5. Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favourite animes. I found the plot is done really well and it is so 

So, that was my list of the new fandoms. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for reading it means so much. I know I say that often but I truly mean it. Please leave a comment on your favourite fandom. Mine is The Shadowhunter chronicles. bye

Love, Hannah XXX