Friday, 2 January 2015

Melbourne Instagram Diary

Hello, today I will be an Instagram diary from my trip to Melbourne. It is such a cool city. I Enjoyed Melbourne far more then Sydney. Everything is just so much cooler. Melbourne is definitely a young person city. I hope everyone had a lovely New Year. 

Photo 1: Melbourne 
This was when I was about to go out to dinner with my family. I'm wearing a spotty playsuit from Miss Shop.

Photo 2: Spot the human

This was when my family and myself were going from Melbourne to a farm. We had some packing issues.

Photo 3: The Great Ocean Road 

This was taken by a beach on the Great Ocean Road. I'm wear a light blue shirt from Bardot and black jeans from Glassons.

Photo 4: The Twelve Apostles  
These rocks are the Twelve Apostles. There were Twelve but most of them collapsed. They are so beautiful.

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Love, Hannah XXX