Saturday, 24 January 2015

I'm in a Reading Slump. Please Help Me!

Hello, Today I want to talk about my lack of reviews lately. You might not have noticed the lack of  reviews but I certainly have. In case you didn't know what a reading slump is it's when you can't fall into a story or you are unable to finish a book. I am currently in one. I have been in one since The Mortal Instruments ended. 

I know that  I have been reviewing books since City of Heavenly Fire but those are only books that I felt like they were worth me reviewing. I honestly thought that The Fifth Wave got me out of the slump because I loved it so much but it hasn't. 

On the bright side. I researched into it and some people say that this often happens when a series ends. Which makes sense because it happened  to me when Percy Jackson ended. It also happened when  the Infernal Devices ended but it wasn't that bad because of the Mortal Instruments. 

I absolutely hate being in a reading slump because it affects everything. I am unable to read books, review them on my blog and tell my friends about books. It makes me really upset and angry.

I have a question. If anyone knows how to get out of a reading slump please tell me in the comments. 

Thanks so much for reading. Do you like my new template? Please leave a comment on your views of reading slumps because I need help. If you like what I post and you're new please feel free to follow my blog. Thanks so much for reading.

Love, Hannah XXX