Wednesday, 5 November 2014

If I Stay book review

Hello, I feel like I haven't done a post in long time. So today I will be reviewing If I Stay by Gayle Forman. 

If I Stay is about a girl named Mia who got into a car accident with her whole family. She is given the choice to stay alive with her friend and boyfriend or she could die with her whole family. She then begins to reflect on her life. 

This book is a really well written and heartfelt story I read is since The Book Thief. The book had me crying at the happiest parts of the book. Mia is a such beautiful character and I can relate to her so much. Though I didn't really like her friend Kim that much. I found her quite annoying and up herself a bit. Tell me if you think so too. I did enjoy Adam a lot I found him so funny and handsome  (Adding him to the list of fictional boyfriends.) Adam was the light to me when the sad bit were happening. I love him so much.

My favorite part of the novel was when Mia dressed up as a rock chic and Adam dressed up as Mozart for Halloween  I found that adorable. I wish we had more of the book is was quite short but there is a second which I might read. I don't know weather I will though. But I will be seeing the movie soon. Maybe this weekend ;) 

Thanks so much for reading my next post will be all of my TBRs. I hope your looking forward to it thanks again.

Love, Hannah xxx