Saturday, 23 August 2014

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

It has been along time. Let's just jump right into it shall we.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is about a girl named Karou she lives in Prague and she does not quite live an ordinary life. She has no parents and the closet thing she has to family are half human and half animal people called the chimaera. Karou basically lives two lives. Her chimaera family goes missing because angels blow up the portals separating our world from their world and she is on a quest to find them. This book is really beautifully written and the story is flawless. It takes a while to picture the world she lives in but once you get in to it. I bet you won't even put it down. It's high fantasy, romance and also a YA novel.

If you’ve not read this book please leave because it might be full of spoilers.

So if you have read it let's discuss characters. Karou is one of the most badass characters I have ever read about. She is cool, sassy and so strong in what she believes in it was never about her romance with Akiva it was about finding her family. Her best friend Zusana she was an amazing friend I love how she just believed Karou all the time. Zusana is not like most human best friends in fantasy novels she's not annoying and always getting into trouble. She's funny, cute and a really fun character she constantly made me laugh reading this book. Now let's talk about Akiva. He is one of the angels that blow up the portals. He is a very scary character but he is good. It's just that he shows know emotion until he meets Karou. But, then again his back-story was very depressing but it kind of worked out for him. Of course, they weren't all the characters

The writing, the development of the characters and the whole world Laini Taylor has created was spectacular. The plot just moved really smoothly and it was beautiful the story she wrote and the characters that she created. The story felt like little puzzle pieces and it was fun to see the puzzle unwind. It is seriously one of my favourite books. If you have not read it and just kept reading this review I urge you to read NOW. It was so beautiful I have no words for it just read it and come back and talk about it in the comment.

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