Friday, 4 July 2014

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is about a girl named Mara who was in an accident where all of her friends died and she was the only survivor. She now has a post dramatic stress disorder and is trying to deal with that while coping with moving schools and town. Mara then starts seeing the ghosts of her friends and also people in her town are also getting murdered.

I really enjoyed this book but it really scared me. Personally I recommend this book for anyone who likes scary, romance, thrillers. The characters in the book were really fun to read and everyone in the book had different personalities and it was funny to see them interact. The plot of the book was really amazing I loved how Michelle worked everything in and it all made sense. I also loved how she really made the story come to life.

 If you have not read the book I recommend that you leave so you are not spoiled.

Firstly, This book is so confusing but I love it because you don't know when Mara is hallucinating or if it’s actually happening. What I don't understand about this book are the powers Mara and Noah have I don't quite understand Mara's power that she can kill people with her mind or something but she might not be actually the one killing them. 

Now, the characters. I really like Mara she is a really funny and cool main character. I really like the relationship she has with her brother Daniel. I love how he really sticks up for her also how he tries to get her to do stuff and make friends. I also love his bromance with Noah. Now Noah is the typical YA love interest a witty  hot boy who has a soft side. But of course I love him for those exact reasons. Noah is a very interesting character because his and Mara's personalities clash and it's very funny to see them have a conversation like the one when he asks her if she wants to kiss and she’s like ''no, I'm not into kissing because I think it's gross'' probably not the exact words because I borrowed the book from the library. But anyway that line cracked me up laughing.

The most scariest parts of this book is when her brother goes missing and Noah and Mara go out looking for him and the alligators or crocodiles comes and starts attacking them that really scared. Also the part when she comes home from the party and the pictures and the whole room switched around. Then when she decided to have a bath and she put her arm in the water and she just stayed like that until her mum found her. 

When it got close to the end I was thinking how the hell is she going to figure everything by the end then I found out it was a series. Which is fine its just the whole book was really intense and I don't think I can put up that intensity for two more book but I will try to read them.

Hope you enjoyed the review my next review will be on The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. And my next post will be on the books that made me cry that will be up tomorrow. Please leave a comment of your feelings about the book did you like it or hate I want to know.

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