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City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Last Tuesday was the release of City of Heavenly Fire. After school I ran straight to Dymocks to buy the book and when I bought it my friends and I just cried because we have been waiting two years for this book. By the way this book was not a disappointment and is now going on top of City of Bones in my Favourite Mortal Instruments books.

Disclaimer: this post is full of spoilers so if you have not read it yet beware because you will be spoiled.

City of Heavenly Fire is amazing and awesome. In the start of the book we started with our new characters in the shadowhunter chronicles family Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorns. Then Sebastian decides to ruin the scene by raiding into the L.A institute and started turning shadowhunters evil with the Cup. Then Emma Carstairs did something so wonderful when she threw that knife at Sebastian and got his heart and I was like did she just kill Sebastian but he didn't die sadly. Then we moved onto the main crew where we have Jordan and Jace meditating to control the heavenly fire in Jace. I really like the bromance between Jordan and Jace in the past three books it's just so funny to see Jace getting along with another guy that is not Alec just a shame Sebastian killed Jordan. Jordan was the boyfriend that died. I was crying on the train when he died and someone asked me if I was okay. I wasn't.

Now let's just talk about the fight at the Iron Sisters. So Sebastian and the evil shadowhunters invaded the Iron sister place so the Clave had to send shadowhunters through a portal to the battle. Jace and Clary sneak to the battle to try and defeat him. Then we moved to Jace and Sebastian fighting and Sebastian stabs Jace in the shoulder then Jace explodes in Heavenly fire and burns Sebastian. He still didn't die but Sebastian then ran away. After Sebastian left Brother Zachariah came to help Jace's shoulder but he got burnt and now he is now the one and only James Carstairs. Now Jem is human again and to tell everyone his story. When he told Jace about parabatai's and stuff there was so many references to Will and Tessa I just couldn't stop crying.

All of the ships in this book are just so cute and adorable. Simon and Izzy are such are perfect couple. At the end of the book when Simon lost all of his memories of the Shadow world and being a vampire it was so heart wrenching. Then when Clary and Isabelle were crying when they got back from hell without Simon I was hysteric he gave up those memories of everyone who loved him just to get all of the out of Edom I was just breaking down crying. Then he gets ascended as a shadowhunter he is seriously the most luckiest person in all of man kind. Then we have Malec I'm so happy Magnus forgave Alec at the start of the book. They are just so good together it's fantastic to see them happy again because Alec was such a wreck. Throughout the book only two people that made me laugh so hard was Alec and Simon they were just so funny in it. Drunk Simon was hilarious and Alec when he kept walking in on Simon and Isabelle it was just the best thing ever. Now what you have been waiting Clace.  They were just so cute throughout the book and they were just amazing and when they finally had did it I was like about flipping time and did anyone else thought it was funny that Jace bought condoms to hell like he knew he was going to do it with Clary. 

Finally we are now getting to the part where Sebastian died when Clary stabbed him and his eyes turned green I cried because after that he apologised to everyone and he was so sorry for what he did to everyone. It was just really heart breaking. Also just a quick theory there was a demon that look like a giant maggot I just couldn't help to think was that Benedict Lightwood.

So that was the book review of City of Heavenly which we were so lucky with the people who died by the way. Anyway none of my theories were correct so that was sad but the book ended so well it was worth the wait.

My next review will be on a book called Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

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